EBIOS stands for “Expression of needs and identification of security objectives”. This is the method for evaluating and processing digital risks, published by ANSSI with the support of Club EBIOS.

The EBIOS Risk Manager (EBIOS RM) method is a modular toolbox, the use of which varies according to the objective of the project. It is compatible with current standards, both in terms of risk management and cybersecurity. Find out more about this method and its purpose.


  • An agile and collaborative method
  • A reference among ISS risk analysis methods
  • EBIOS RM makes it possible to assess digital risks

An agile and collaborative method

The EBIOS RM method was designed with the collaboration of experts and is intended to be scalable. This agile principle is reflected in the application of the method to carry out the risk analysis.

To this end, the division into 5 workshops makes it possible to approach the method as a toolbox . In fact, the risk management workshops of the Ebios method allow you to focus on activities related to the expected objectives. Their realization as a group is also a strong value in relation to the agility and the enhancement of the collaboration of the different trades.

The EBIOS methodology is easy to understand and apply. Its general philosophy is very simple, intuitive and follows a natural sequence.

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A reference among ISS risk analysis methods

The methodological approach proposed by EBIOS makes it possible to have a global and coherent vision of the security of information systems (ISS). It provides uniform vocabulary and concepts. Thus, it allows complete coverage with the determination of appropriate security objectives and requirements.

The method takes into account all technical (software, hardware, networks) and non-technical (organization, human aspects, physical security) entities. Promoted by the DCSSI and recognized by the French administrations, EBIOS is also a reference in the private sector and abroad.

In 2002, international comparisons placed EBIOS among the three best methods for analyzing ISS risks. Many public and private sector organizations use it to perform their own ISS risk analysis.

EBIOS RM makes it possible to assess digital risks

EBIOS RM offers the possibility of identifying the security measures to be taken to control them. It also makes it possible to validate the acceptable level of risk and to be part of a long-term continuous improvement process. 

In addition, this method can be used to bring out resources and arguments useful for communication and decision-making within the organization.

The EBIOS RM method can serve several purposes:

  • Establish or strengthen a digital risk management process within an organization;
  • Assess and deal with the risks associated with a digital project, in particular with a view to security certification;
  • Define the level of security to be achieved for a product or service according to its use cases and the risks to be countered, for example for certification or accreditation purposes.

It applies to public and private organizations, whatever their size or sector of activity. And this does not matter whether their information systems are under development or already exist.

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