What software for user support and fleet management

In this tutorial I offer you different solutions to facilitate the management of computers and the various user problems.


  • 1 Why use an asset management tool?
  • 2 What solutions to manage user support
    • 2.1 Ticket management
    • 2.2 Tools for remote intervention

Why use a fleet management tool?

There are more and more devices within companies. Between servers, virtual servers (vm), computers and smartphones it’s sometimes complicated to find your way around.

fleet management tool like GLPI allows you to identify all of your resources. By deploying agents on different equipment you can quickly update your database.

IT managers can also rely on this data to know the state of the equipment and anticipate its replacement .

Finally, this database can also feed ticketing and user support applications to intervene quickly on the workstations concerned.

The challenge is to simplify the life of IT helpdesk services

Helpdesk translates to helpdesk. Its role is to qualify user requests and incidents and then process them within respectable deadlines.

Simplydesk is a multifunctional tool.

What solutions to manage user support

In recent years many applications have been available. There are two types of software for managing user support. Ticket management tools (ticketing) and handling software to intervene remotely on the user’s workstation.

Ticket management

For my part, when I was doing computer troubleshooting for individuals, I trusted GestSup .

The software is free and open source (therefore customizable). It can easily be installed on a Linux server since it needs Apache and Mysql.

In business, a software that often comes up is JIRA , which is developed by Atlassian. It is fully customizable and can also be used for reporting bugs on applications. This application is more professional and can integrate with Teams thanks to its plugins.

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More affordable and equally powerful tools like SimplyDesk can do the trick. The advantage of this last is that it is all in one, it manages the support and the management of parks.

This software follows the ITIL method (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). You can therefore track your tickets, escalate them between levels and keep your users informed.

You can also generate precise dashboards with the user satisfaction rate.

Tools for remote intervention

It’s all well and good to have tickets, but you still need to have the necessary tools to process them. It is now entirely possible to intervene remotely on user workstations.

The best known software for remote intervention is Teamviewer . This one is paying but is very reliable and very fast to use.

However, I noticed that some were using Teams (the Microsoft 365 solution) to troubleshoot their employees. Indeed, Microsoft’s communication tool allows you to share your screen and give access to your computer .

It’s very convenient and it works quite well.

For small budgets I invite you to look at AnyDesk which is very easy to use.

And what software do you use to manage your fleet and support ? Feel free to post solutions in the comments.

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