New York is a vibrant city that fascinates many tourists every year due to its eclectic look and exceptional charm. If you plan to spend unique periods of relaxation, the metropolis has a variety of artistic and cultural activities and various emblematic tourist sites to discover. In order to save a lot of money and visit the main New York attractions during your stay, it is best to opt for a tourist pass in advance. For an unforgettable stay with friends or family, here is a non-exhaustive list of things you can do in New York.

Visit the main historical monuments of New York with a tourist pass

To take full advantage of your trip to New York, it is recommended to opt for a tourist pass to save money on your visits . This is a pass or pass that allows you to visit the main attractions of the metropolis at a fixed, relatively reduced price. The tourist attractions included in this pass vary from one subscription to another. Purchasing a tourist card also saves time as major New York attractions have a busy queue in most cases.

The tourist pass allows you to book your visits to the main monuments of New York. These tourist cards are increasingly offered by many online companies. For a first trip, it is recommended to take the New York City Pass to visit the main sites of the city. This is the most popular pass to discover New York when you want to stay in the city for a maximum of 10 days. This tourist card is valid for a period of 9 days from the date of activation. Its period of validity does not begin with the purchase, but rather from your first entry on a site. However, it is possible to buy this pass up to 6 months before using it.

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Would you like to know how much the New York City Pass costs in order to better estimate the budget of your trip? Indeed, it will take from 125 € to acquire this ticket. This allows you to save more than 40% or up to €72 compared to single tickets.

With this tourist pass, you can discover the main monuments of the city:

  • Empire States Building,
  • Statue of Liberty,
  • 9/11 Memorial,
  • Chrysler Building,
  • Brooklyn bridge…

The Empire State Building houses two observatories that offer panoramic views of the metropolis. Regularly appeared in television series, its observatory located on the 86th floor offers you a breathtaking view. As for its upper observatory, it is on the 102nd floor and allows tourists to contemplate the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park or the Statue of Liberty which is a very popular monument.

The Statue of Liberty is a national monument inaugurated in 1886 which allows you to discover the history of the city through photographs, relics, texts… History enthusiasts can discover the monument which pays tribute to the victims of the attacks of the September 11, 2001 . The Chrysler Building skyscraper is the fifth tallest building in New York and can give you unforgettable sensations. While visiting the Brooklyn Bridge, you can enjoy the view of Governors Island and the East River.

Discover the city’s must-see museums

New York is full of a large number of must-visit museums. Most of these museums are included in the tourist cards. With a tourist pass, you can visit the museums of your choice: the Guggenheim Museum, the American Museum of Natural History or Ellis Island.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum has one of the best-known collections of modern art in the world. Located on the Upper East Side not far from the Metropolitan Museum, this museum has grown over the years in terms of its collection and today offers a variety of works by renowned artists. With its constantly renewed exhibitions, a visit to this museum will allow you to discover the impressive architecture of the building.

The Natural History Museum

The American Museum of Natural History is a site that offers an impressive collection of skeletons of various animal taxidermies . The collection consists of more than 35 million objects. Created in the 19th century, this museum specializes in dioramas (exhibits) of precious stones, dinosaur bones and all kinds of animals from the United States or around the world.

These exhibits are also presented in the form of 3D films or other interactive pieces. In this museum, you have the opportunity to discover the sky in the planetarium or touch fragments of real meteorites whether for a stay with family or friends. This is a fun site suitable for wildlife lovers.

American Museum of Natural History

Ellis Island

Located on the Hudson River not far from Manhattan, Ellis Island is a small island visited by many tourists every year. This island now houses the ” National Museum of the History of Immigration of the United States” which is worth a detour. In this museum, you can discover archives or works of art that trace much of the history of immigration to the United States.

In addition to the sites mentioned above, you can also visit museums such as the Metropolitan Museum, the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), the Frick Collection, the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum…

See a musical on Broadway

If you are a fan of theatrical plays, you can take advantage of your stay in New York to go see a musical. Broadway is a large avenue which today brings together more than 40 theaters . This avenue has a variety of halls in which you can attend various shows, whether in classical or modern theatre.

You can attend very famous musicals such as the Lion King, MJ (Michael Jackson), Chicago, Aladdin, Wicked, the Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story … Ticket costs to attend these shows are variable and it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Do not hesitate to take advantage of your stay to relax at a jazz concert in Harlem.

Attend an NBA game

For athletes, a stay in New York is a real boon to experience the impressive atmosphere offered by the NBA halls during matches between the big teams. Each encounter is usually accompanied by the US national anthem and a plethora of entertainment during downtime. This guarantees you an unforgettable show.

In New York, Madison Square Garden is a great reference when it comes to prestigious basketball venues. Depending on when you are staying in New York, you can attend either prep games, official NBA games, or playoff games. In most cases, it is possible to have a VIP experience at NBA venues depending on the nature of your ticket. This is an experience that may give you the opportunity to stay on the edge of the field during the warm-up of the players or to shoot free throws before the opening of the room concerned.

Take a helicopter ride to get a breathtaking view of the metropolis

More and more companies are offering helicopter flights in New York with the aim of providing wonderful moments for tourists. For families, it is possible to take this tour with your child provided that their age is over 4 months. Helicopter flight is one of the best memories for a trip to New York .

Depending on the duration of your flight, you can take tours above Manhattan and its mythical buildings. This will allow you to see the places full of charm that surround the main attractions of the city. No matter how long your flight is, takeoff is usually from the heliport in lower Manhattan.

Taste the meals of the gastronomy of the United States in the restaurants of New York

From pizza to tatami and burgers, New York gastronomy is more or less rich in terms of culinary specialties. This city has a variety of addresses to discover the good flavors of the United States. Pizza lovers can head to Joe’s Pizza restaurant to enjoy this dish which can be topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella. This restaurant has been loved by locals since 1975.


In restaurants in East Village, Williamsburg or Midtown, you can taste real hot dogs, burgers, pancakes, bagels, cupcakes… Among the recommended restaurants to discover the flavors of the city, we have the French restaurant “ Chez Daniel”, The consulates, Chealsea Market, Burger & Lobster, Boucherie West Village, Asiate at Madarian Oriental New York…

Experience world-class shopping at 5th Avenue

5th Avenue is one of the best streets for shopping in New York which represents one of the fashion capitals of the world. In the department stores and boutiques on this street, you can find international brands such as Balenciaga, Marc Jacob and Buberry.

In addition, you can also continue your walk between 39th and 60th streets to discover the main shops of Chanel, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani… In addition to these shops, the Apple Store is located at the corner of Central Park South in New York and you can find authentic products from the brand.

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