What to do when you can’t get to the captive portal of a public wifi hotspot?

When we connect to a public wifi network, it sometimes happens that we have trouble getting the famous “captive portal” where we are generally asked for our email address, before letting us surf freely. Indeed, on some wifi hotspots, the thing is so badly configured that if you enter the URL of your favorite search engine or Facebook, you won’t get anything.

Crash? No, it’s just that the captive portal does not accept HTTPS connections… And since most sites use SSL/TLS, HSTS…etc., well it doesn’t work.

So in this case, there are 2 solutions to ensure a cushy vacation. Personally, what I do most of all is to place myself directly on the router by entering in my browser IPs like or or … In general it passes and we are sent to the captive portal where you can then enter your information to connect.

But the other solution is to go to a site without SSL/TLS. If you have one in mind, test it, otherwise use the site http://neverssl.com.

On this site, no strong authentication, no HTTP2, no HSTS, no encryption. Just good old HTTP as we do more. From this entry point, you will then be redirected to the captive portal and then you can surf all your favorite sites (with HTTPS, I assure you) as you see fit.

Another site allows you to do the same thing, and it is also to try: http://fixwifi.it/

Remember though, public hotspots are like unprotected sex. When you don’t really know what you are “connecting” to, it is better to use VPN-type protection.


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