WhatsApp rolls out emoji reactions: how to use them

WhatsApp finally launches message reactions

It’s official, WhatsApp is launching the deployment of a feature that users have been waiting for: reactions to messages. It is now possible to react to messages in an individual or group chat with an emoji. A feature already widely used on instant messaging such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram or even Slack collaborative messaging, but which was absent from WhatsApp.

Meta Group’s instant messaging service now allows users to choose between the thumbs-up emoji, red heart, laughing crying emoji, surprised emoji, sad emoji with a tear, and folded hands. WhatsApp also specifies: “we will continue to optimize this feature and we will add a much wider range of expressions in the coming months” . The feature is currently rolling out to all users.

How to use emoji reactions on WhatsApp

Using the feature is very simple. To add an emoji reaction, simply long-press on a message to see the different emojis available, then select the one you want. In the same way, it is possible to delete a reaction by long pressing again on the message on which you reacted, and clicking on the chosen emoji to delete it. You can view all reactions to a post by tapping the box that appears below the post.

WhatsApp also specifies that:

  • Only one reaction is possible per message,
  • Reactions to an ephemeral message will disappear along with the message,
  • It is not possible to hide the reactions or the number of reactions.

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