In addition to their “speculative” aspects, digital assets represent a new way of creating wealth. Among these “tokens” NFTs occupy a special place. Indeed, this “digital phenomenon of 2021” has proven itself to be a real store of value in diversification strategies, despite a highly subjective artistic legitimacy. Away from Cryptopunks and the rest sloth monkeys, Wincity takes advantage of the unique features of this format to back them up with real real estate. We are walking around the owner.

Le Journal du Coin brings you this introductory article in collaboration with Wincity

Between real estate and NFT, Wincity offers the best of both worlds

there are many ways Make a fortune in crypto. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to screw yourself up there. An instability largely due to the tangible and sometimes ambiguous nature of the various “corners”, as well as the great volatility. Protocols doubles down on their creativity to come up with supposedly safe long-term investment solutions. Challenge, stablecoins and liquidity pools. Praiseworthy efforts that have yet to catch the attention of the majority in our regions’ economic environment: the traditional investor seeking sustainable returns backed by tangible assets.

Wincity could be the gateway to allow the two universes to communicate calmly. Indeed, the concept of NFT, linked to various tangible real estate returns rather than delusions of the metaverse, has everything to tempt. beyond a pure crypto watcher. Firmly tied to reality, the company seems to have found the right angle to speak to an audience that is still largely uninformed. A cautious community, always ready to seize new opportunities as long as they meet the quality criteria.Investors want to grow their wealth

Cards to collect, rents to collect

But what is this? On January 31, Wincity made the first sale of its NFTs. 1111 cards for a business located at 16 rue de la grande chaumière in Paris. There is a nice wine bar restaurant called “La table des amis”. A relaxed atmosphere completely renovated with the splendor of the French savoir-vivre. lucky owners these NFT cards Wincity now shares 95% of the net property rental income associated with the operation of the site.

Regulars of the NFT industry will recognize this principle. There are several card levels with specific characteristics. 1000 normal, 100 rare, 10 legendary, 1 unique. Frankly, they are not worth the same price and do not have the same benefits. Among other things related to the gamification component, which is still in preparation. Thanks to prices suitable for all profiles, A lambda individual who does not have the financial means to own it may accumulate passive income tied to real estate leases. A real revolution.

To be comprehensive, as with real estate, the project offers not just one, but three different sources of income:

  • Monthly rental income: WinCash
  • Estimated annual capital gain of the property: Get added value
  • Capitalization resulting from bank leverage effect specific to repayment of real estate loan. It is not paid, but added monthly to the value of the card: WinCapital
NFT cards contain all information about their value and rents in ethereum that have not yet been claimed by their holders.
Each NFT features and returns

Gems and NFTs: cannot be exchanged to expand your wealth

Each card shows its own characteristics and evolution. Like any NFT, it is kept in a Metamask-type wallet. It may be resold in the upcoming Wincity market, also on Opensea or others. Refunds are made on the 11th of each month in ETH. They can be left on the card or removed at any time. This is to avoid paying the sometimes exorbitant monthly gas costs.

This is why Wincity relies on NFTs for rendering. new trend in real estate market. But society may have unwittingly initiated a real paradigm shift. It relies on a team of experienced and clearly defined professionals. As a matter of fact, the project is proposed by the real estate company Brik, which has a long history. Having all the necessary approvals, they were able to find the formula that allowed them to combine the advantages of stone with those of digital. An interaction synonymous with security and regular returns. A mix of species to multiply.

An exemplary legal innovation

In France, the legislation especially on property, real estate etc. You should know that he is meticulous in matters. e.g “Tokenization” of a real estate asset is prohibited. Tokenization of a company stock places the digital asset in the restrictive “security token” category. In short, various legal traps have always hindered crypto startups in the industry. To avoid any tax issues, Wincity real estate NFTs are therefore not a title deed or shares in a company.

The first series of NFT comes from a restaurant located in Paris.  Ideally placed, it promises steady ethereum returns
The first series of NFT Wincity is set in Paris

The owner of all related property is the Wincity real estate structure. Card buyers will participate in the collection of funds necessary for the purchase, according to the conditions set by them. smart contract. Localization of the operational aspect of finance is essential. Indeed, blockchain makes it possible to separate money invested in NFT from asset management. By purchasing the card, you are purchasing the right to receive a share of the performance of the property. A legal innovation Named “RBF” (basic income financing) and taking full advantage of the decentralized aspect of our beloved blockchain technology.

Wincity is a perfect example of the power decentralized technology can bring to the real economy. Navigating the digital trend of the moment, the company was able to find the balance point between a digital and streamlined approach to real estate investing. legal rigor of the professional, and mineral security of a real property. Mark of the time, the first sale was settled within a few hours.

The next one will be on April 2 at 11:11 (UTC+2) and this time you can pay by eth or credit card! If you’ve read these few lines to become a buyer, I can’t strongly recommend joining the waiting list right away. Bargaining is rare these days. …

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