Windhawk: A store of mods to customize Windows

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If you’re looking to go beyond the default customization options provided by Microsoft and want to explore new possibilities on your Windows system, Windhawk is the perfect platform for you. This site offers a free utility that enables you to apply mods and enhance the functionality of your Windows operating system.

Screenshot of mod store UI for customizing Windows

A “mod” refers to a customized modification that can be made to your Windows operating system. Mods can vary in scope, from simple changes like adding a dark theme to your notepad, to more advanced modifications like enabling the middle mouse button to close applications in the taskbar, or using the scroll function on your menu bar to control the sound volume on your PC.

Pack of mods to customize the appearance of Windows available on the store

The Windhawk site provides a comprehensive list of mods that are available for customization on your Windows system, and each mod is accompanied by its respective code, ensuring complete transparency and control over your system. While the current selection of mods may be limited, the platform encourages user submissions, providing an opportunity to contribute to the community and expand the available options. Overall, if you enjoy exploring these kinds of customized tweaks and hacks, Windhawk is a fantastic resource to consider.

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