Windows 11 and advertising: Microsoft backtracks

As we announced, advertising in Windows is a sensitive, not to say hot, issue. It didn’t take long for Microsoft to come out of silence regarding the appearance of ads in File Explorer.

The giant decides to backtrack before the controversy gains momentum. In a press release proposed by “The Verge”, Brandon LeBlanc, software manager at Redmond provides explanations and wants to be reassuring.

“This was an experimental banner that was not intended for external publishing and has been disabled.”

Clearly the giant specifies that all this is a mistake. This new feature should not be found externally in the core of build 22572 . It just had to be tested internally. Is it really reassuring? By necessity because this discovery shows that Microsoft is still tempted to introduce commercial communications into its operating system…

The temptation is strong for Microsoft to integrate advertisements into Windows. This idea is not new. It seems that the giant wants to try the adventure again in Windows 11.

We know there’s a big update on the way for one of Windows 11‘s most popular apps, File Explorer. It will offer an important novelty. This is tab support. It’s a “small revolution”, because support for tabs is strongly requested by the “Windows” community.

Turns out Redmont may be planning a bit more. Another “big” change is currently being tested. On Twitter @flobo09 posted a screenshot showing what many thought was abandoned, advertising. Microsoft would consider integrating commercial communication at the heart of this flagship application. It is positioned at the top of the screen and promotes other Microsoft products. In this example, the ad refers to Microsoft Editor, software from the Microsoft Office office suite.

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Windows 11, Microsoft tests advertising in File Explorer

Windows 11 and advertising, a sensitive issue

For the moment we do not know much about this funny initiative. It is also difficult to know if Microsoft has already made its decision or if we are in an experimental phase only. We also don’t know if closing an ad will prevent further communications from appearing. Is there an option to disable this advertising?

One thing is certain. If tests are carried out it means that Microsoft thinks that it can be a good thing to integrate publicity in the explorer of files. We have another certainty. There’s no doubt that if this novelty finds its way to Windows Insider, the reviews will rain down.

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