Windows 11 and the context menu, Microsoft boosts its performance

Since its launch in October 2021, Windows 11 has not stopped evolving. One of the big projects in progress concerns the design. Microsoft offers a major overhaul. It unfolds gradually. We find it through a new Start menu, a new notification center, a reworked taskbar or even a so-called “modern” context menu.

The latter is an essential part of the desktop experience especially through File Explorer. It benefits from a major makeover but unfortunately not everything is perfect. Performance issues are observed. More concretely, users are victims of delays when they click with the right mouse button on files or folders.

As part of the “modernization” of Windows, Microsoft has reduced the number of options in the context menu. We also have the use of icons for popular options like copy and paste. These choices freed up space and lightened the content. All this was supposed to improve performance and reduce requirements, but the opposite effect is sometimes observed on some computers.

 Windows 11 and the context menu

In some cases the situation is really problematic. Delays of two seconds are observed before the pop-up menu appears. In other cases it may “flicker” with use. Microsoft has admitted these issues and its teams are working on the issue to reduce the impact of this new design.

The recent Windows 11 Build 22572 Preview introduces several fixes for this. Many users confirm that the situation is improving. The context menu loads much faster. There are still issues though like the bug causing an opening to be twice the size of the original. Note that Microsoft now offers the “Shift + Right click” shortcut to trigger the opening of the “Show more options” option.

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The first Windows 11 feature update is expected this fall. It should come with new patches to fix most of the issues. In addition, we should take advantage of the return of drag and drop to the taskbar and a new interface for certain “parts” of the operating system such as the print queue screen.

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