Windows 11 has been released slowly and gradually since October 2021. This rollout is in waves due to restrictions in the face of the discovery of significant issues.

One of them just found a solution. Six months after its discovery, Microsoft and Oracle have finally fixed the latest flaw preventing many PCs from adopting Windows 11. In October 2021 Microsoft blocked Windows 11 upgrade on PCs with VirtualBox due to a compatibility issue .

At the time, Microsoft said the failure caused virtual machines to crash while rendering them unbootable. Oracle had planned to release a patch as early as October 2021, but things didn’t go as planned.

Windows 11 and VirtualBox

The case now seems to have found a solution. Microsoft announces that VirtualBox users can get rid of this hang by updating the application (version 6.1.28 or later). Note that some compatibility issues with VirtualBox may still exist and prevent the download and installation of Windows 11. In this case Microsoft recommends updating or uninstalling these applications.

Currently Windows 11 no longer has any known major issues. Microsoft continues to work on fixing small issues here and there while improving its reliability and performance. We also have important new features in the pipeline, such as a redesigned task manager and the arrival of tabs in File Explorer.

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