Windows 11: How Microsoft plans to give you back control over default settings

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The American giant wants to give you more freedom and more control over the choice of certain default settings in Windows 11.

Microsoft wants to change the way Windows 11 applies certain default settings. In a blog post on the Windows blog, Microsoft explained that it wants to go further in its approach “to give users control over their Windows PC experience”. To achieve this, the company will make several changes and allow developers to take advantage of the openness of its system.

The American company explains that it wants to do everything it can to allow you to better control the items pinned to the desktop, taskbar, or within the Start menu. It also intends to simplify the process of selecting default applications, such as the web browser. To do this, it will modify its dialog boxes to unify them in order to make them clearer and above all more consistent.

Soon more control in Windows 11

Third-party applications, like Microsoft’s, will soon automatically request your permission before pinning an item to your machine or setting themselves as the default program. To achieve this, Microsoft is committed to several points. Firstly, the company explains that it wants to ensure that Windows users can control changes made to pinned items as well as to applications configured to be used by default.

The Redmond-based company will therefore provide developers with all the necessary tools to allow their application to ask you if you want to pin it or use it as the default application. In addition, Microsoft applications will be subject to the same requirements.

These commitments made by Microsoft will lead Windows 11 to support new features. To facilitate the management of default settings, the operating system will soon introduce a new system that will automatically redirect you to the right section of Windows Settings so that you can change default choices. For example, when a web browser asks if you want to use it as the default browser, Windows will automatically redirect you to the right page in the OS Settings.

Windows 11
Windows 11

The way items can, or cannot, be pinned to your desktop, taskbar, or Start menu will also change. Microsoft will provide developers with an API that will automatically display a notification asking users to confirm whether or not they accept to pin an item.

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Over the next few months, Microsoft plans to introduce this new behavior of Windows 11 to Insiders in the Developer channel. Depending on the feedback obtained, Microsoft will no doubt adjust its changes before validating and integrating them, without a doubt, in a future Windows 11 update.”

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