In addition to the office software Office, Microsoft’s Windows operating system can also be used in the cloud. this tutorial reveals what Windows 365 brings and who gets it.


  • What is Windows 365?
  • Who will get Windows 365?
  • Is Windows 365 Safe?
  • Where are the programs and data?
  • Is it Windows 10 or 11?
  • How do you access the cloud PC?
  • What does Windows 365 cost?

Microsoft’s “Cloud PC” has been available since August 2, 2021, this new service under the name of Windows 365 was presented at the Inspire partner fair. Similar to Microsoft Office, the software maker from Redmond has moved its operating system completely to the cloud and offers it on any device by subscription.

What is Windows 365?

The service originally developed under the code name “Project Deschutes” is a virtual Windows desktop that Microsoft operates entirely in its Azure business cloud. The operating system is no longer loaded from the hard drive when the computer is started, but is displayed as a virtual PC in the Internet browser. For this reason, the device used is of secondary importance: Windows 365 does not only run on PCs and notebooks, but also on Macs, tablet PCs and smartphones – the main thing is that the device has an Internet connection and an HTML5-capable browser. If you have any doubts about the idea of ​​Windows on a smartphone, you can rest assured: All computing operations in the cloud PC run on Microsoft’s servers – so even less powerful or older devices are sufficient.

Who will get Windows 365?

it is a virtual Windows desktop that Microsoft operates entirely in its “Azure” cloud so that windows is no longer loaded from the hard disk when the computer starts up, but is displayed as a virtual PC in the Internet browser. For this reason Windows 365 not only works on PCs and laptops, but also on Macs, tablet PCs and smartphones – the main thing is that the device has an Internet connection and a compatible browser. HTML5.

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Is Windows 365 Safe?

Security is one of the primary concerns of Windows 365. Given the acute security gaps in the home office, the service provides a protected working environment even on unsecured private devices.
Microsoft is also promising its customers extensive security features and control options for corporate administrators.
the group also focused on the secure transmission of Windows virtual desktops to the user.

Note that in mid-August 2021, it was disclosed that Windows 365 login data could be read. French programmer and computer security expert Benjamin Delpy had signed up for the free subscription and was able to gain access to other users’ credentials using a password theft tool.

Where are the programs and data?

With Windows 365, in addition to the operating system, all programs, settings and data come from the cloud. Windows 365 no longer stores texts, tables, images or movies on local storage, but on the Internet and will be available on the desktop immediately after Windows starts.

Is it Windows 10 or 11?

According to Microsoft, Windows 365 is fully compatible with both versions regardless of this.

How do you access the cloud PC?

Windows 365 Business can be accessed from any computer or smartphone through the website. With the connection, you automatically turn the device into a cloud PC. There you will find your usual desktop with all the data exactly as you left it the last time, no matter which device you log in from.
Access is probably also possible via Microsoft Remote Desktop – the software has long been available as an app for Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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What does Windows 365 cost?

Prices start at 21.90 euros per month per user. It is a virtual Windows PC with a single processor as well as 2 gigabytes of working memory and 64 gigabytes of data storage.
The most expensive configuration currently – a virtual system with an eight-core processor, 32 gigabytes of work and 512 gigabytes of data storage – costs 147.50 euros per user per month.

Windows 365 is also available in two versions: Windows 365 Business is managed without the Azure cloud infrastructure developed by Microsoft and is aimed at the self-employed and small businesses. Up to 300 users are possible and Windows 365 Enterprise is intended for large enterprises and supports any number of employees.
Microsoft Azure subscription is also required here. There are twelve virtual hardware configurations. You can find an overview on the Windows 365 website, where you can also set up the service and purchase a subscription.

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