Wireless headphones have become mainstream and increasingly used. Practical, easy to transport, discreet, they have already won over many buyers. Whether for making calls or listening to music, they have proven themselves. Say goodbye to headphone wires that get tangled, torn, or caught in the keys at the bottom of the bag.  

How do wireless headphones work and what makes them effective? We are going to take stock of the different advantages offered by this audio device and guide you on the best way to use them.

Wireless headphones, user manual

Also called bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones or true wireless, these devices have been acclaimed by users of hands-free kits. They offer comfort of use never before equaled. The concept is simple: it is the same as for bluetooth headsets. Just turn on the wireless headphones and connect them to your smartphone,  tablet or  computer . You can then listen to music, play games, make a videoconference or make a call. 

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The wireless earphones offer great comfort of use. 
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Discreet and comfortable, wireless headphones even end up being forgotten. Thus, you will often come across people with their headphones in their ears at all times, ready to take a call with a simple click on the earpiece. They offer considerable freedom of movement and their autonomy is impressive. They are energy efficient and do not drain your smartphone battery.

Contrary to popular belief, wireless headphones are also suitable for sports. They are perfectly adapted to the shape of the ear canal and are not likely to fall out, even if you are on the move.

How to turn on my wireless headphones

Of course, each model of wireless earphone is different and the functionalities vary according to the manufacturers. This is also the reason why it is important to read and keep the instructions for use of your wireless headphones when purchasing. 

Bluetooth earphones are sold with a case that allows them to be stored and recharged. This charging box can be connected with a mini-USB cable to a conventional power outlet. It usually contains several charges but it depends on the models and the quality of the chosen wireless headphones.

To turn on your wireless headphones, take them out of their case and place them in your ear canal. Press the buttons on each earbud simultaneously so that both turn on at the same time. You will then need to pair your wireless headphones so that they are synchronized. The approach differs according to the manufacturers. You will find the solution in your manual.

Finally, look at the bluetooth devices that your smartphone or computer detects and connect your headphones. You can start the music or start your phone conversation.

Connect the wireless headphones to a device

In order to properly connect your wireless headphones to your smartphone or computer, you need to select the correct device from the list of detected devices. Often, wireless headphones are named after the model or brand of the manufacturer.

If you experience connection issues, it is recommended to select “Forget this device” and restart your headphones. Thus, the startup starts from zero and the connection is reset. 

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Remember to activate the bluetooth function of the phone. 
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Be sure to activate bluetooth from your portable device or computer and to turn on your wireless headphones. 

The bluetooth range varies according to the devices and the quality of the earphone model chosen. You will be able to move away more or less from the transmitting device. Anyway, the connection is of equal quality to that of a bluetooth headset .

To note

After each use, it is advisable to always store the headphones in their case. This is not only an opportunity to recharge them but it also avoids losing them.

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