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If so far you have been using the online service Online Convert to convert your files , well know that I may have even better! Indeed, I recently discovered Zamzar , an online file converter that recognizes no less than 140 audio, video, photo, office, etc. formats. In short, more than 1200 formats are recognized… Suffice to say that if you can’t find what you’re looking for with this online tool, well, I don’t know what to do anymore ???? Let’s go, I’ll explain how this service works.



First, go to the site . Then you will discover an interface in English, but do not be afraid, the use of the service is very simple.

1- Select the document to convert

You just have to click on the heading Choose Files in  other words Choose a file in the Convert Files Step 1  tab . FYI, you can convert up to 5 files simultaneously as long as they don’t exceed the  allowed 100MB . Then select your file to convert and click Open . Your document will then appear in the Files to convert section  . Then pull down the Convert Files to menu  in the Step 2 section .

2- Choose the conversion format

This menu gives access to some 140 formats recognized by the application. But be careful, don’t bother trying to convert a PDF to MP3, it won’t work (I prefer to clarify, you never know…). Anyway, Zamzar is not crazy since it will only offer you formats compatible with your starting file. In my example, I’m going to transform a WEBP file to JPEG. To do this, I clicked on the JPG heading and indicated my email address in the Step 3 section . Finally, click on the Convert button  located in the Step 4 part .

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3- Download the file

So all you have to do is download your converted file. To do this, log in to your mailbox to receive the email sent by Zamzar. Then click on the link that appears under the Grab a Zamzar account box  and click on the green Download Now button . Downloading the file is done inside your browser. All you have to do is open the file by double-clicking on it.


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